Assam Laksa

asam laksa


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1 kg ikan kembong
1 can sardine fish (mashed coarsely)
3 litres water
6 pcs asam keping (add more if want more sourish)
1 kg laksa noodles
300 g beehoon
1 handful of daun kesom
2 bunga kantan – halves
11/2 tbsp tamarind paste (mixed with 100 ml water)
2 tbsp Feng He Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Hae Ko (optional)
salt, sugar to taste

Blended ingredients
15 dried chillies (soaked in hot water for 15 mins – drained)/
4 tbsp chilli paste
6 red chillies
6 chilli padi (add more if want more spicy)
8 shallots
4 garlics
3 stalks lemon grass (use the white part)
2 inch galangal
2 inch toasted belacan

1 cucumber – julienned
1 bunch mint leaves – use the leaves
1 bunga kantan – mince finely
2 big red onion – sliced thinly
1 lettuce – shredded
2 red chilli, 5 chilli padi – chopped finely
1 pineapple – cut into strips
limau kasturi (calamansi) – halves
200 g bean sprouts – blanched
Hae Ko paste (3 tbsp mixed with 1 tbsp hot water)

Bring 1 litre water to a boil, add fish, 1 stalk lemongrass (bruised), 3 slices galangal and boil for 8 mins. Drained and transfer the fish to a big tray to cool down. Strain the stock, add in the asam piece, daun kesom, bunga kantan and bring to a boil on low heat.
1) Wet your hand, and remove the fresh of the fish and blend the fish bones with some stock. Strained and pour the stock back to the pot. Break the fish meat coarsely, sardine fish and put them in the stock, 1/2 cover the lid and continue to simmer over low heat. Add tamarind water, light soy sauce, Hae Ko (optional) and season with salt and sugar, stirring constantly. Continue to taste the gravy to make sure it’s sour and spicy to your liking.

2) Blanced the noodles. Arrange the noodles and garnish all the vegetables on top. Ladle the gravy over the noodles and serve immediately. Add a spoonful of hae ko at the side.

Prawn Mee Soup (Hae Mee Soup)

Prawn Mee Soup 2

Prawn Mee Soup 1

Prawn Mee Soup

Penang Hae (1)



500 g angka prawns – peeled and deveined, tails intact (reserve shells and heads)
300 g shredded chicken meat/pork
2 flat fish cake – sliced
5 cloves garlics – chopped coarsely
400 g yellow noodles – blanced for 2 mins
200 g bee hoon – blanced for 2 mins
300 g taugeh – blanced for 2 mins
300 g kangkong – blanced
4 hard boiled eggs – shelled and quartered
fried crispy shallots
3 litres water

Stock Ingredients
100 g red sugar cane – (cut into halves along the length)
prawn shells and heads – fried with garlics till pinkish
1 kg chicken/ pork bones
50 g rock sugar
100 ml light soy sauce
1 tsp dark soy sauce
11/2 tbsp peppercorns – crushed
1 packet of Hai’s Prawn Noodle paste (optional)
A handful of dried shrimp (soak in water till soft and pounded)

Chilli Paste (blended finely)
15 dried chillies (soaked and drained)
2 fresh chillies and 6 chilli padi
11/2 tsp belacan – toasted
6 shallots
1 tbsp dried shrimp – soaked in water for 5 mins

3 tbsp oil
1/4 tsp salt and 1 tsp sugar

Blanch pork/chicken bones in hot water and rinse well. Clean the sugar cane. Bring water to a boil. Put in chicken/pork bones and boil for 15 mins. Add sugar cane,  Hai’s prawn paste. dried shrimps, fried prawn shells and heads. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low and simmer for 2 hours. Strain the stock. Blend the prawn shells and head with some stock. Strained and pour into the boiling stock. Heat oil in a wok and saute garlics, rock sugar and cook till sugar disssolves. add light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Stir well . Pour the mixture and peppercorns into the stock. Simmer for 1/2 hour. Season with salt (depends on personal taste)
1) To serve, place a portion of beehoon, yellow noodles, vegetables, prawns, shredded chicken, fish cakes, eggs and kangkong in a deep soup bowl. Ladle on the hot broth, sprinkle a spoonful of crispy shallots and serve immediately. Serve the Chilli paste separately in a small sauce dish.

2) Heat oil in a wok and fry the blended chilli paste over low heat until mixture is thick and oil separates. Add salt and sugar and remove from pan. Transfer to a small serving bowl.

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Tung Fen (Glass Vermicelli) with Dried Cuttlefish and Assorted Vegetable Soup


400 g glass noodles (tung fen- soaked for 10 mins – drained)
3/4 cabbage – tear into pcs
1/2 carrot – quartered
30 g dried lily bud (washed and tied into knots)
6 dried mushroom (soaked in hot water for 10 mins and drained)
50 g dried black fungus (small)
1 tbsp dried shrimp – soaked in water for 10 mins
2 cloves garlics – peeled and minced
400 g spare ribs – washed and blanced with boiling water
3 dried cuttlefish – washed and cut into fine strips
8 chicken feets – washed and set aside
coriander leaves – chopped
2 litre water

Sauce ingredients
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
salt, pepper and chicken powder to taste
1 tsp sesame oil

Pour water into a pot and bring to a boil. Add chicken feet and spare ribs, reduce heat and simmer over low heat.
1) Heat oil in wok and saute garlics till fragrant, add cuttlefish, dried shrimp and stir fry till aromatic. Add dry lily bud, black fungus, stir fry evenly for 3 mins and pour into the boiling water. Simmer over low heat for 15 mins, add cabbage and sauce ingredients, stir and mix evenly, add tung fen, add more water if the gravy is too thick. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 5 mins. Ladle on a serving bowl and sprinkle chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with sambal belacan.

Braised Duck Noodles (Soup/Dry)

Braised Duck Noodles (Dry)
Dry version.
Braised Duck Noodles (Soup)
Soup version.

Recipe for Braised Duck Noodles (Dry)

1/2 duck
1 tsp each : salt and 5-spice powder
2 inch galangal – sliced
5 garlic cloves
Oil for deep frying
1 star anise
1 and a half tbsp sugar
2 tbsp dark soya sauce
Enough water to submerge the duck
1 tbsp light soya sauce
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
5 hard boiled eggs – shelled
2 tau kua – cut into half
Bok choy
Coriander leaves and chilli for garnishing
Cornstarch for thickening

1) Rub salt and 5 spice powder on the duck and stand for at least 3 hours.
2) Heat oil in a deep wok until hot and fry duck for 5 mins until lightly browned. Remove duck and drain well. Leave 1 tbsp oil in the wok and add sugar and 3 pcs of galangal slices. When oil turns dark golden, turn off heat.
3) Add dark soya sauce, return duck to wok and coat it with the sauce.
4) Pour in enough water to submerge the duck, and then add in light soya sauce, sesame, star aniseed, garlics, eggs and tau kua.
5) Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for about 20 mins, and then remove the eggs and tau kua.
6) Turn over the duck and continue simmering over low heat for about 1-2 hours until it is tender. Be sure to turn the duck over and thicken the sauce with cornstarch periodically during the process.
7) Blanch yellow noodles and bok choy in boiling boil for 3 mins. Drain and stir noodles with the braised gravy and sambal chilli sauce.
Transfer to serving plate, spoon some gravy over it and garnish with bok choy, slices of duck meat, eggs and tau kua. Garnish with coriander leaves, chillies and crispy shallots.

Recipe for Braised Duck Noodles (Soup)

Yellow noodles
Bok choy
Young ginger – sliced thinly
Coriander leaves and chillies
Salt to taste

Stock Ingredients
1/2 duck, washed and cut into 4 pcs
1 pkt Dang Gui Bu Xie Ya Tang (can buy from any supermarket)
1500 ml water
1 cinnamon stick – break into halves
2 star anises

1) Fill a deep pot with water and place it on high heat; once the water starts to boil, add in the noodles and stock ingredients before switching to medium-low heat.
2) Leave the mixture to simmer for 2 hours. Season with salt and taste accordingly.

Hokkien Mee Soup

Hokkien Mee Soup

500g yellow noodles
8 medium shelled prawns
90g sotong – washed and cut into rings
8 crab sticks
90g chicken meat/pork – sliced (marinate with a dash of salt, pepper and cornflour for 10 mins)
2 shallots – sliced and 3 garlics – minced
2 tbsp oil
2 eggs – beaten lightly
4 stalks chai sim – washed and cut into 2 in length
1 stalk each chopped finely – spring onion and coriander
Dash of salt and pepper
1 Knorr chicken cube and 150gm ikan billis

Seasoning Ingredients
1 tbsp each – light and dark soya sauce
1 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1000 ml water

1) To make stock, heat oil in a pot and lightly browned ikan billis. Add water and chicken cube and bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 mins over low heat. Strain stock and set aside.
2) Heat oil in a wok and saute onions and garlics till aromatic, add eggs and fry till lightly brown, add noodles and 1 tsp of dark soy sauce and stir fry for 2 mins or longer (should looks a bit burnt).
3) Add in stock, prawns, chicken meat and bring to a boil. Add sotong, crabstick and chai sim and simmer for 3 mins longer. Add in seasoning ingredients and simmer for another 2 mins. Garnish with spring onions, coriander leaves and chillies.

Curry Laksa Noodles

Kari Laksa Noodles with CocklesWith cockles.

curry noodles
Without cockles.

300 g yellow noodles
200 g bee hoon (soaked in water)
1500-2000 ml prawns stocks (more flavourful)
300 ml coconut milk (1 box ‘Kara’ mixed with water)
1 tsp belacan powder
4 shallots – sliced
3 garlics – sliced
3 sprigs curry leaves
6 chilli padi – halves (optional)
salt and sugar to taste

1 kg cockles – washed and shelled
20 pcs small tofu pok
bean sprouts – 40 ct (washed and blanced)
long beans
4 potatoes – (boiled in water till 1/2 cooked, remove skin and quater)
fish ball
5 hard boiled eggs – shelled and halves
300 g small prawns – shelled and blanced

Paste to be fried
1 pkt ‘Hai” chicken curry paste
2 tbsp fish curry powder (mixed w/1 tbsp water)
3 tbsp chilli paste

1) Heat oil in a wok saute sliced onions and garlics till fragrant, add in fish paste, chilli paste and ‘Hai’ chicken curry paste. Stir and mix over low heat till mix throughly and oil separates. Add in prawn stock, belacan powder and tofu pok and bring to a boil. Add long beans, potatoes and fish ball and simmer over low heat for 10-15 mins. (Take out the cooked long beans) Add coconut milk, chilli padi and continue to simmer over low heat till everything is cooked thru’. Season with salt and sugar and taste accordingly. Remove from heat and use the gravy as a curry gravy for yellow noodles and bee hoon.

To serve:
Bring a pot of water to a boil, blanced yellow noodles, bee hoon and divide into individual bowl, arrange toppings on top. Pour curry gravy, fish ball, potatoes over the noodles and serve hot.

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus                                                  Mee Rebus with Shredded Chicken and Prawns

mee rebus 2                                                  Mee Rebus With Prawns Crackers and Begedil

Mee Rebus

salt, sugar to taste
1 cup peanuts – toasted and coarsely pounded
2 stalks lemongrass – bruised
2 pieces asam gelugur

2 tbsp Benefit Coco Premium Coconut cooking oil

Ingredients to be blended
100 g dried shrimp (soaked and drained)
4 tbsp chilli paste
10 shallots
2 tbsp coriander powder
1 tbsp fish curry powder
2 inch galangal
1 inch yellow ginger
6 buah keras
11/2 tbsp salted soya bean paste

Prawn stock
1/2 kg medium prawns shells
Fry the prawns shell and head in 1.8 lit water , 1 cube ikan bilis and simmer for 1/2 hour. Cooled and blend the prawns shells and stock. Strained the stock for the broth later.

Prepare mashed potatoes
1/2 kg sweet potatoes – steamed and mashed
5 potatoes – steamed and mashed

Thickening solution
2 tbsp potato flour and 1 tbsp rice flour mixed with 100 ml water.

Assembly ingredients
1.5 kg yellow noodles, blanched
50 ct taugeh – blanched
Deep fried tau kua, cut into cubes
boiled potatoes and deep fried – sliced
hard boiled eggs – halves
chicken fillets/breastmeat – blanched and shredded
crispy fried shallots
coriander leaves, red and green chillies – cut and chopped
Calamansi – halves

1. Fry the blended ingredients with coconut oil till fragrant. Add prawn broth, asam gelugur, lemongrass and bring to a boil. Simmer for 20 mins. Add mashed potatoes gradually until it’s thickening into a gravy. Make sure it is fine and smooth and simmer for 15 mins, stirring occasionally.
2) Stir in the thickening solution and peanuts and bring to a boil again. Season with salt and sugar. (please taste accordingly).
3) In an individual bowl, assemble noodle, taugeh, tofu, potatoes, egg, chicken meat and prawns cracker. Ladle some of the gravy into each bowl. Garnish with shallots, chillies and coriander leaves.

Prawns Crackers
6 tbsp plain flour
9 tbsp water
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp minced prawns
Oil for deep frying

1) Mixed flour with water into a smooth batter, stir in salt prawns.
2) Heat oil in a wok till hot, spoon a tablespoon of batter into hot oil, carefully spreading batter out. Fry over medium heat until golden brown.
3) Drain on kitchen paper and keep in air-tight container until serving time.