Stew Meat With Black Fungus and Bean Curd Stick (Tau Kee)

Ingredients 1 roasted chicken breast meat – cut to size of your preference 300 g Tau Kee (soak in warm water till soft- squeeze the strips of excess water, cut into 8-10 ) 25 g Black Fungus (soak for 45 minutes or till soft) drain, and cut off any hard woody parts 3-4 cloves garlicContinue reading “Stew Meat With Black Fungus and Bean Curd Stick (Tau Kee)”

Stewed Chicken With Black Fungus and Mushroom

Ingredients 1/2 chicken (cut into small chunks) or 2 drumsticks and 6 mid joint wings 6 slices ginger 4 cloves garlics 3 shallots – sliced 8 dried shitake mushroom (soaked till soft) 25 g black fungus (soaked till soft) 3 potatoes – peeled and cut to small chunks Seasoning Ingredients 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tspContinue reading “Stewed Chicken With Black Fungus and Mushroom”

Chye Buey (Stewed Leftover roasted meat with Salted Green Mustard)

Ingredients (leftover roughly estimated) 1/4 of roasted duck 1/4 of roasted chicken Any leftover sweet and sour meat Some prawns – pan fried 1/2 cabbage – tear into big pieces 7-8 stalks Green mustard with roots (tua chye) 3-4 shreds salted vegetables 5 pieces asam keping 8 dried chillies Roasted gravy (leftover) Water (optional) SugarContinue reading “Chye Buey (Stewed Leftover roasted meat with Salted Green Mustard)”

Stewed Chicken and Potato

Ingredients 1/2 kampong chicken – cut into bite size and marinade with 1/2 tsp salt and corn flour 4 potato – cut into small quarter –  fried till light golden brown, drained and set aside 1 tbsp of small black fungus (soaked and cut off the hard parts) – optional 1 big onion – sliced 4 clovesContinue reading “Stewed Chicken and Potato”