Nasi Briyani

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Chicken Curry

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6-8 pieces drumsticks / 1/2 kg prawns
Briyani powder (bought from wet market – Indian stall)/
4 tbsp Briyani powder (add 6 tbsp water and mix to form a fine paste)
250 ml yoghurt
3 tbsp tomato paste
1 tomato (blended)
4 potato – cut into chunks (deep fry till 1/2 cooked)
3 fresh green & red chillies
1 stalk coriander leaves (chopped)
Salt & sugar to taste
2 tbsp fried shallots
1 pack small pappadam (fry till crispy)

Pounded Ingredients
5 shallots
3 garlics
3 cm ginger

8 pieces cashew nut & almonds – pounded finely

Spices (fried)
2 cm cinnamon
3 star anise
2 cloves & 3 cardamon pods
1 sprig curry leaf

1) Marinate drumstick with turmeric powder, corn flour and salt for 30 minutes. Deep fry till 1/2 cooked, drain and set aside. Do the same to the prawns.
2) Heat enough oil in a wok, saute spices till aromatic, add in pounded ingredients and briyani paste, saute over low heat till fragrant and oil separates.Add in blended tomato, tomato paste, yoghurt and water. Bring to a boil and add in chicken, potatoes, prawns and simmer over low heat till sauce thickens.
3) Add in pounded almond and cashew nut paste and stir to combine well with the sauce. Season with salt and sugar, taste accordingly and adjust to your preference. Add more water if gravy is too thick. Continue to simmer over low heat till chicken is soft and potato is cooked.
4) Add in red 7 green chillies, fried shallots and some chopped coriander leaves. Stir to combine well. Serve hot with briyani rice, pappadam, and pickles.

Briyani rice
5 cups basmati rice – washed and soaked for 30-40 minutes. Drained and set aside.
150 ml evaporated milk
enough water to cover the rice (1 cup rice – 11/2 cup water)
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp fried shallots
A handful of pudina leaves (chopped)
Some chopped coriander leaves

2 pieces pandan leaves – tied into knots
2 stalks lemongrass – bruised
3 tbsp butter/ghee
11/2 tbsp raisin (optional)

Pounded Ingredients (fine paste)
3 cm ginger
3 cloves garlics

2 cm cinnamon stick
2 cloves
2 cardamon pods
1 star anise

1) Heat butter/ghee in a wok and saute spices till fragrant, add in pounded ingredients and saute till aromatic. Add in basmati rice and stir gently to mix with spices for about 2 minutes.
2) Transfer the rice to rice cooker, add in water, evaporated milk, salt, pandan leaves, lemongrass, raisin and cooked as per normal cooking.
3) Once rice is cooked, add in chopped pudina leaves, coriander leaves and fried shallots. Using a chop stick, slowly stir to combine evenly.
4) Serve cooked rice with curry chicken/prawns and cucumber salads.

Cucumber, pineapple & tomato pickles
1/2 cucumber – sliced thinly
1/2 pineapple – sliced
1 tomato – cut into small cubes
1 big red onion – sliced thinly
Vinegar to taste
1 tbsp sugar

1) In a mixing bowl, season cucumber with  1 tsp salt for 20 minutes, Washed and squeeze dry.
2) In a clean mixing bowl, add in cucumber, pineapple, tomato and onion, add in vinegar, sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix evenly with a forks and leave in fridge.