Fantasy Ice Kacang Jelly

Ice Kacang Jelly.jpg

Ice Kacang Jelly 1.jpg

Ice Kacang Ingredients
1 small bowl cooked red kidney beans
1 small bowl cream corn
1 small bowl – cendol

Ingredients for Bottom Layer
(translucent jelly layer A)
31/2 tsps Jelly powder
130 g castor sugar
800 ml water
2 pieces pandan leaves –  knotted
(For translucent layer B)
1 bowl of shredded grass jelly
1) Place all the above ingredients into a pot, bring to a boil, stir till it comes to a rolling boil. Remove from heat, discard pandan leaves. Divide into 2 equal portions. Pour one portion into a 9 inches round mould. Arrange the ice kacang  ingredients in. Leave jelly to set, next pour in the second portion and arrange the grass jelly.  Leave it to set.

Upper Layer
(Ingredients for Evaporated Milk Layer)
2 1/2 tsps jelly powder
90 gm castor sugar
150 ml evaporated milk
300 ml water
2 pieces pandan leaves
1/4 tsp salt

2 tbsp shedded gula melaka

1) Place all ingredients in a pot. Stir as you bring it to a boil. Discard pandan leaves and divide into 2 equal portions. One portion add in gula melaka and cook over low heat till well combined.
2) Pour gula melaka portion over bottom layer, leave it to set and pour the milk portion over it and let it set completely and place in  refrigerator to chill before serving.



Soya Bean Curd Fruit Cocktail Pudding

Soya Bean Curd Fruit Cocktail Pudding

Soya Bean Curd Fruit Cocktail Pudding 1.jpg

4 tsp agar agar powder/ 1 packet jelly powder
1000 ml water
400 ml soya bean milk (milky) sugarless
150 g castor sugar
100 ml evaporated milk
1/2 tin mixed fruit cocktail

1) Boil agar agar powder and water, add in soya bean milk and sugar. Bring to a slow boil for 2 minutes.
2) Then add in evaporated milk, mix well.
3) Pour the mixture into small mould of your choice, put mixed fruit on top and syrup. Let it set and keep in refrigerator.
(let the agar agar slightly set before add in the mixed fruit and syrup)

Syrup Ingredients
2 tsp agar agar powder
500 ml cocktail syrup
1 tsp Gelatine powder
Few drops of yellow coloring

Boil all the ingredients.  Let it cool.

Mashmellow Pudding With Coconut

Masmellow Pudding

Ingredients A
4 eggs whites
50 g castor sugar

Ingredients B
1 tbsp gelatine powder
1 tbsp agar agar powder
90 g castor sugar
150 ml coconut milk
100 ml fresh milk
500 ml water
2 blades of pandan leaf (knotted)

A little drop each of the following colours : red, brown, yellow, green, orange

Ingredients C
100 g grated white coconut (Mixed with a dash of salt)

1) Cream Ingredients A till stiff peak. Set aside.
2) Boil Ingredients B and stir non-stop till mixture comes to a roaring boil on low heat. Discard pandan leaves. Stir in No. (1) a little at a time. Divide into 4-5 portions and colour each portions to your preferred colours and mix well.
3) Pour one coloured portion of No. (2) into a 7 inch round or square mould. Leave it to slightly set before ladling the next coloured portion. Repeat process to the end. Keep chilled.
4) Sliced set pudding and serve with grated coconut.

Crystal Mooncake aka Ang Ku Kueh

Crystal Mooncake.jpg

Crystal Mooncake 1.jpg

Crystal Mooncake 2.jpg

Green Beans Fillings
150 g – Cooked Green Beans
80 g castor sugar
150 ml Coconut milk
100 ml fresh milk
2 tsp Agar Agar powder
10 g Instant Jelly powder or Gelatin powder

Crystal Skin
300 ml coconut milk
15 g 0Green Bean flour (Hoon Kwee)
4 tsp Agar agar powder
15 g Instant jelly or Gelatin Powder
700 ml water
200 g sugar

A few drops of red and green colour (Colouring of your choice)

Green Beans Filling
1) Blend all ingredients in a blender till smooth.
2) Pour mixture into a saucepan and bring to boil. Then pour into a tray (3 x 6 inch). When fillings is cool, cut into pieces and set aside,

Crystal Skin
1) Mix coconut milk with green bean flour and stir till well blended. Set aside.
2) Combine agar agar powder, instant jelly or gelatin, water and sugar. Bring to boil, stir in coconut milk mixture and bring to boil again, divide into 2 equal portion and add in green colour to onto one portion and red colour to the other portion.
3) Fill ang ko kueh moulds half full with crystal skin mixture.  When mixture is 1/2 set, add a piece of filling then fill moulds to the brim with crystal skin mixture. Place moulds in refrigerator.
4) Remove ang koo kueh from moulds when set.


Gnocchi Gado Gado

Gnocchi Gado Gado.jpg

For the Salad
1 packet potato chips
4 hard boiled eggs – sliced thinly
1/2 cabbage  – sliced thinly
A handful of Kang Kong – sliced roughly
1/2 cucumber – cut into 2 inch matchstick in lengthwise
2 handful of beansprouts
150 g Gnocchi – boiled in salted boiling water till it floats, drain and pat dry
1 small sweet potato – cut into matchstick
2 small tau kwa – cut into matchstick

Peanut Sauce
1 clove garlic
40 g Gula Melaka  (adjust sweetness according to taste)
120 g Crunchy peanut butter
3 fresh red chilli
1 stalk lemongrass – white part only
1/2 inch galangal
Salt to taste
50 ml – 80 ml water
Juice of 2 calamasi

1) Bring a pot with salt and oil to a boil, add in cabbage, scald for 1 minute, drain and set aside, in the same pot of boiling water, add in beansprout, kangkong , covered with lid and leave for 5 seconds, drain and set aside.
2) Heat sufficient oil in a wok till hot, fry tau kwa, sweet potato and Gnocci till golden, drain and set aside.
3) Place all vegetables, tau kwa, eggs and Gnocchi on a platter.
4) For the peanut sauce, blend everything until smooth, bring to a boil in a saucepan, adjust taste to your preference and the sauce should not be too runny or thick.
5) Squeeze 2 fresh lime juice evenly over the gado gado and sprinkle crushed potato chips over gado gado and serve.

Rainbow Mashmellow Pudding

Rainbow Mashmellow Pudding

Rainbow Mashmello Pudding 2

2 tbsp condensed milk
140 ml Ayam Brand Coconut milk
2  egg white
15 g agar agar powder
150 g castor sugar
500 ml diluted coconut milk (10 ml coconut milk mixed with 400 ml water)
Toasted Peanut – pounded coarsely
Colouring – red, yellow, green and brown
2 pieces pandan leaves

1) Bring 500 ml diluted coconut milk, agar agar powder and pandan leaves to boil.
2) Once boil, add in 40 g castor sugar from the 150 g  and 140 ml coconut milk, allow to boil and lastly add in the condensed milk. Stir to mix well, discard pandan leaves and strain, set aside.
3) In a mixing bowl, whisk egg whites with 110 g sugar till stiff and smooth, slowly use a hand whisk to beat into the mixture.
4) Divide into 4 portions and add in individual colour, mix well.
5) Pour into round or square tray, layer by layer and leave to set in the fridge.
6) Cut to your desired pattern and dust with chopped peanut on top.

Green Beans Coconut Milk Jelly

Green Beans Coconut Milk Jelly

Green Beans Coconut Milk Jelly 1.jpg

Green Beans layer A
50 g green beans
100 ml water
2 pieces pandan leaves- knotted

Green Beans Layer B
50 g castor sugar
2 tsps agar agar powder
125 ml water
1/2 tbsp corn flour

Coconut Milk Layer
2 tsps agar agar powder
60 g castor sugar
1/8 tsp salt
100 ml Ayam Brand Coconut Milk
250 ml water
2 pieces pandan leaves – knotted

1) Cook ingredients A till soft, discard pandan leaves, drain grean beans off excess water.
2) Add 100 ml water to the cooked beans and blend into a paste.
3) Cook Ingredients B and No. (2) till it reaches a boiling point. Divide mixture into 3-4 equal portions.
4) Cook coconut milk layer till it comes to a boil. Dsicard pandan leaves and divide mixture into 3-4 equal portions.
5) Prepare a mould, alternate in a layer of No. (3) set it, then pour in a portion of No. (4). Leave it to set before pouring in the next alternate layer. Put jelly into refrigerator to fully set. Serve chilled.

Cendol Jelly

Cendol Jelly.jpg

Cendol Jelly 1.jpg

Cendol Layer
500 ml water
150 g castor sugar
250 ml water
12.5 g agar agar powder
250 ml coconut milk (1 box Kara coconut milk mixed with 50 ml water)
Pinch of salt
35 g corn flour
1 box Cendol (bought from supermarket) or 500 g fresh cendol (home made)

1) Mix agar agar powder with 250 ml water.
2) Mixed coconut milk with corn flour and salt.
3) In a saucepan, add in 500 ml water and sugar, bring to a boil, slowly pour in the agar agar mixture, bring to a boil again. lower heat and pour in coconut milk mixture, stirring all the while.
4) Bring to a boil over low heat for 1 minute, off heat and add in the drained cendol. Stir to mix well.
5) Pour into a 8 x 8 ” square pan or 10 ” square pan. Set aside to cool down, while waiting for it to cool down, cook the gula melaka layer

Gula Melaka Layer
250 g gula melaka
500 ml water
2 pieces pandan leave – tied into knots
12.5 g agar agar powder
250 ml water
250 ml coconut milk (1 box Kara coconut milk mixed with 50 ml water)
1/4 tsp salt

1) In a saucepan, add in gula melaka, 500 ml water and pandan leaves and bring to a boil. Simmer over low heat till gula melaka has dissolved totally.
2) Mix agar agar powder with 250 ml water and pour into the pot, bring to a boil again and slowly pour in the coconut milk, stirring all the while. Bring to a slow boil and off heat. Dsicard pandan leaves.
3) Test cendol layer, it should be slightly cool and have a film on top that does not stick to your fingers but a bit wobbly. Pour in gula melaka mixture slowly or using a ladle.  Leave it to set and cool down .
4) Chill in fridge before serving,

Golden Swiss Roll Strawberry Jelly Cake

Strawberry Jelly Cake.jpg

Strawberry Jelly Cake 1.jpg

Strawberry Jelly Cake 2
Strawberry Jelly Cake 3

Strawberry Jelly Cake.jpg

Ingredients for the cake
100 g cake flour
5 eggs
50 ml iced water
75 ml melted butter
1 tbsp ovalette/emulsifier
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
100 g castor sugar

1) Apart from butter, combine all ingredients into a mixer and beat on high speed for 5 minutes until thick and creamy.
2) Fold in butter and mix well. Pour batter into a greaseproof paper lined 12 inches square cake pan. Bake in preheated oven 180 C for 15-20 minutes until golden. Remove and unmould cake, cool on a wire rack.
3) When cake has cooled, slice into 6-8 pieces of equal size. Spread a layer of vanilla cream on each piece. Line each piece of cake vertically, then bind tightly into a circle. Set aside. (Alternately use a vanilla swiss roll and roll into circle).

For Vanilla Cream
1/2 cup of fresh cream for whipping
2 tbsp icing sugar
(In a mixing bowl, beat whipping cream and icing sugar till hard peak form. Set aside.

Ingredients for Jelly A
2 tbsp Jelly powder
100 g castor sugar
150 ml concentrated coconut milk
250 ml fresh milk
800 ml water

Ingredients for Jelly B
3 eggs whites.
60 g castor sugar
1 tbsp strawberry essence

1) Combine ingredients A together. Stir as you cook till well dissolved.
2) Whisk egg whites and sugar till stiff. Ladle in No.(1) a little at a time and fold well. Add in strawberry essence, divide into 2 equal portions.
3) Pour one portion into a 8 inch round cake tin. Leave aside to set (to hasten the first setting, sit the pan on a bed of iced water).
4) Arrange the  bind round shaped pieces of cake on set jelly. Gently, pour the remaining of No.(2) over the cake. Keep chilled in fridge.


Soy Bean Milk Coconut Pudding

Soy Bean Milk 1.jpg

Soy Bean Milk.jpg
2 egg whites
15 g castor sugar

200 ml fresh soy bean milk
1 coconut (remove the top shell and drain the water)

1) Place the coconut on a bowl.
2) In a saucepan, add the soy bean milk and sugar, bring to boil over medium low heat. Off heat and set aside.
3) Beat egg whites still slightly frothy and slowly pour in the warm soy bean milk, whisk till well combined. Slowly sift the mixture into the empty coconut shell. Using a cling wrap to wrap the opening,
4) Steam over rapidly boiling water for about 30-45 minutes (depending on the thickness of the coconut).
5) The pudding is set (when you push the coconut, there is no wavy pattern). Off heat and let it sit inside the steamer for another 15 minutes before transferring out to cool down completely.
6) Can be served warm or chilled.