Golden Swiss Roll Strawberry Jelly Cake

Strawberry Jelly Cake.jpg

Strawberry Jelly Cake 1.jpg

Strawberry Jelly Cake 2
Strawberry Jelly Cake 3

Ingredients for the cake
100 g cake flour
5 eggs
50 ml iced water
75 ml melted butter
1 tbsp ovalette/emulsifier
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
100 g castor sugar

1) Apart from butter, combine all ingredients into a mixer and beat on high speed for 5 minutes until thick and creamy.
2) Fold in butter and mix well. Pour batter into a greaseproof paper lined 12 inches square cake pan. Bake in preheated oven 180 C for 15-20 minutes until golden. Remove and unmould cake, cool on a wire rack.
3) When cake has cooled, slice into 6-8 pieces of equal size. Spread a layer of vanilla cream on each piece. Line each piece of cake vertically, then bind tightly into a circle. Set aside. (Alternately use a vanilla swiss roll and roll into circle).

For Vanilla Cream
1/2 cup if fresh cream for whipping
2 tbsp icing sugar
(In a mixing bowl, beat whipping cream and icing sugar till hard peak form. Set aside.

Ingredients for Jelly A
2 packets Jelly powder
100 g castor sugar
150 ml concentrated coconut milk
250 ml fresh milk
800 ml water

Ingredients for Jelly B
3 eggs whites.
60 g castor sugar
1 tbsp strawberry essence

1) Combine ingredients A together. Stir as you cook till well dissolved.
2) Whisk egg whites and sugar till stiff. Ladle in No.(1) a little at a time and fold well. Add in strawberry essence, divide into 2 equal portions.
3) Pour one portion into a 8 inch round cake tin. Leave aside to set (to hasten the first setting, sit the pan on a bed of iced water).
4) Arrange the  bind round shaped pieces of cake on set jelly. Gently, pour the remaining of No.(2) over the cake. Keep chilled in fridge.


Soy Bean Milk Coconut Pudding

Soy Bean Milk 1.jpg

Soy Bean Milk.jpg
2 egg whites
15 g castor sugar

200 ml fresh soy bean milk
1 coconut (remove the top shell and drain the water)

1) Place the coconut on a bowl.
2) In a saucepan, add the soy bean milk and sugar, bring to boil over medium low heat. Off heat and set aside.
3) Beat egg whites still slightly frothy and slowly pour in the warm soy bean milk, whisk till well combined. Slowly sift the mixture into the empty coconut shell. Using a cling wrap to wrap the opening,
4) Steam over rapidly boiling water for about 30-45 minutes (depending on the thickness of the coconut).
5) The pudding is set (when you push the coconut, there is no wavy pattern). Off heat and let it sit inside the steamer for another 15 minutes before transferring out to cool down completely.
6) Can be served warm or chilled.

Snowy Sweet Corn Pudding

Snowy Sweet Corn Pudding.jpg

Snowy Sweet Corn.jpg

Snowy Sweet Corn 1.jpg

180 g rice flour
90 g corn flour
8 tbsp custard powder
(sieve all together)

1 tsp salt
400 ml coconut cream
600 ml water
120 g sugar
3 pieces pandan leave – tied into a knot

1 can (425 g) Cream Sweet Corn
1 tsp vanilla essence
Yellow Coloring

Grated white coconut (mixed with a pinch of salt)

1) Combine coconut cream with water, stir to mix well and add in flour mixture, sugar, salt and cream sweet corn . Stir and mix well, strain through a sieve and pour the mixture into a deep saucepan. Add in pandan leaves.
2) Bring to a boil while stirring constantly , add in vanilla and yellow coloring, continue to simmer until mixture slightly thickens. Discards pandan leaves.
3) Scoop mixture into greased mould of your choice or pour to a grease square pan.  Steam over rapidly boiling water for about 40-50 minutes.
4) Allow to cool completely, remove from mould and serve with grated white coconut.

Gula Melaka And Coconut Jelly

Gula Melaka Jelly

Gula Melaka Jelly 1.jpg

1200 ml water (300 ml young coconut water + plain water)
30 g agar agar strip – washed and set aside
180 g shredded gula melaka
250 ml coconut milk
50 g rock sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 pieces pandan leaves – washed and tied into a knot

1) Boil gula melaka with 200 ml water over low heat till melt completely. Strain and set aside.
2) Bring 1000 ml water and pandan leaves to a boil, add in agar agar strip and boil till well dissolve. Add in rock sugar,  continue to stir till dissolve completely. Discard pandan leave, strain and set aside.
3) Scoop 300 ml agar agar mixture to a small pot and add in coconut milk and salt, bring to a boil and set aside.
4) Add gula melaka mixture to remaining agar agar mixture, stir to mix completely and bring to a slow boil.
5) Ladle the gula melaka mixture into a mould as first layer, follow by coconut agar agar mixture. Add in some young coconut flesh (optional) as second layer.
6) Keep in fridge and serve chilled.

Bubur Cha Cha Kuih

Bubur Cha Cha Kuih.jpg

Bubur Cha Cha Kuih 1.jpg

Bottom Layer Ingredients (A)
60 g rice flour
80 g tapioca flour
35 g sago flour
(sieve the flour mixture)
150 ml coconut milk
100 ml water

Bottom Layer Ingredients (B)
120 g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
100 ml coconut milk
150 ml water

1 cup mixed sweet potato and yam – cut into small cubes

Top Layer Ingredients (C)
30 g rice flour
50 g tapioca flour
(sieve the flour mixture)
75 ml coconut milk
50 ml water

Top Layer Ingredients (D)
120 g shredded gula melaka
1/4 tsp salt
175 ml water
2 pieces pandan leaves – tied into a knot

2 tbsp ready made cendol stirps

1) Combine ingredients (A) together and set aside.
2) Place ingredients (B) in a deep sauce pan and bring to a boil, pour into (1) and stir as you mix in sweet potato and yam cubes. Pour the batter into a plastic sheet lined 7″ square tin. Steam over medium heat for 10 minutes. Set aside.
3) Combine Ingredients (C)  together and set aside.
4) Combine Ingredients (D) into a clean saucepan, bring to a boil, off heat and discard pandan leaves. Add in cendol strips and slowly pour onto (3) and mix together. Pour on top of No (2) and smooth the top with a spatula. Steam for 25-30 minutes.
5) Cool down for at least 4-5 hours before slicing with a plastic oil knife.

Yam Pudding (Orh Nee)

Yam Pudding.jpg

Yam Pudding (Orh Nee).jpg

1 packet Hon Kwee (Green bean powder) 90 g
250 ml water
200 ml coconut cream
250 g mashed yam
70 g sugar
30 g Gula Melaka
3 pandan leaves – tied into knot
Ginko Nuts/Lotus nuts

1) Peel yam, cut into small cubes and steam until soft. Mash imediately.
2) In a dee[ saucepan, boil water with pandan leaves for 5 minutes. Discard pandan leaves and strain the water.
3) Add in Hon Kwee powder, sugar, gula melaka and coconut cream. Mix well and add in yam paste . Bring to a boil.
4) Stir constantly with a whisk to prevent pudding stuck at the bottom. When mixtures become sticky , reduce heat and stir for about 1 minute. Remove from heat and pour into pudding mould and set to cool down before putting inside the fridge.

Young Coconut Jelly (Wun MaProaw On)

Young Coconut Jelly.jpg

Young Coconut Jelly 3.jpg

Young Coconut Jelly 1.jpg

Young Coconut Jelly 2.jpg

2 fresh young coconut (retain the water about 400 ml)
500-600 ml water
Sugar to taste (optional)
2 pandan leaves – tied into a knot
1 packet agar agar powder – 10 g

(Water + coconut water = 1000 litre)

1) Pour and strain the water from the young coconut, scrape the coconut meat and cut into thin strip.
2)  Bring water to boil with pandan leaves for 5 minutes, discard pandan leaves, strain the water, add in coconut water, agar agar powder , stir to mix evenly and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer over low heat (stirring all the while) for 2 minutes. Add sugar if it is not sweet and adjust to your preference.
3) Remove from heat and add in coconut meat and set aside to cool before putting in the fridge to chill completely.

Chocolate Rice Krispie

Chocolate Rice Krispie Chocolate Rice Krispie 1
2 bars Mars Chocolate (53 g)
2 tbs maple golden syrup
65 g butter
2 cups rice krispies  (kellog)
1 cup cornflakes (coarsely crushed)
400 g cooked chocolate
Aluminium cups (cupcakes)

1) Cut Mars chocolate into small pieces. In a small pot or pan, add in Mars chocolate, maple golden syrup and butter and melt the mixture like double-boiler. Stir till mix evenly.
2) Add in rice krispies and cornflakes. Stir to combine evenly. Spoon the mixture into aluminium cups and press a bit to smoothen it evenly. Do the same till mixtures finished.
Set aside.
3) Met the cooked chocolate like double-boiler and pour the melted chocolate on top of the krispies. Top with fruits of your choice or crushed nuts of your choice. Place in the fridge till chocolate hardens.

Honeysuckle & Chrysanthemum Jelly

Honeysuckle & Chrysanthemum Jelly

1000 ml water
4 tbps honeysuckle
4 tbsp chrysanthemum tea
Honey rock sugar to taste
1 lemon – just the juice (optional)
1 tbsp wolfberry
1 packet jelly powder (10 g)

1) Bring water to a boil, add honeysuckle & chrysanthemum,  covered and then off heat. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
2) Strain the water and set the residue aside. Bring water to a boil again, when it starts to boil, lower heat to medium and add jelly powder and rock sugar. Continue to slow boil till jelly powder and rock sugar dissolves competely. Off heat and add wolfberry lemon juice.
3) Pour into jelly mould and add some of the residue (honeysuckle and chrysanthemum) allow to cool, then set in the refrigerator and unmould before serving.

**Honeysuckle is good for dispensing body heat. It is good remedy for high fever, cold,  flu, sore throat and easing cough.


Sweet Potato Jelly

Sweet Potato Jelly.jpg

1000 ml Sweet potato soup
1 packet jelly powder (1o g)
Jelly mould

1) Scoop sweet potato chunks, longan & red date and pour the liquid into a saucepan and bring to a slow boil. Add jelly powder and stir jelly powder has dissolve completely. Remove from heat.
2) Line the jelly mould with sweet potato chunks, longan and red dates. Pour the jelly liquid over it and leave to cool at room temperature.  Set in refrigerator and unmould before serving.