Chye Buey (Stewed Leftover roasted meat with Salted Green Mustard)

Chye Buey.jpg

Ingredients (leftover roughly estimated)
1/4 of roasted duck
1/4 of roasted chicken
Any leftover sweet and sour meat
Some prawns – pan fried
1/2 cabbage – tear into big pieces
7-8 stalks Green mustard with roots (tua chye)
3-4 shreds salted vegetables
5 pieces asam keping
8 dried chillies
Roasted gravy (leftover)
Water (optional)
Sugar (optional)

1) Put everything in a large deep pot and bring to a boil. Once boil, simmer over low medium heat till vegetables has soften and adjust taste to your preference. Add water ir wants more gravy. Season with sugar (optional).
2) Serve hot (it should spicy & tangy)