Spicy Tamarind Chicken (Assam Tumis Ayam)

Tamarind Chicken 1.jpg

Tamarind Chicken.jpg

4 chicken leg – washed and cut into bite size
(season with a bit of tumeric powder, salt and corn flour for 20 minutes)
– deep fry till 1/2 cooked and set aside)

Blended Ingredients
15 dried chillies (add more if you more spicy) soaked in hot water for 10 minutes.
5 stalks lemongrass
5 slices galangal
1 inch fresh tumeric
1 bud bunga kantan
5 pieces candlenut
8 shallots
1/2 big onion
1 inch ginger
1 inch toasted belacan
1 tbsp oil
50 ml water

Sauce Ingredients
1 tbsp kicap manis
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 cube chicken stock
1 tbsp gula melaka
1/2 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste

2 tbsp tamarind paste (mix with 4 tbsp water)
Kaffir leaves – shredded finely

1) Heat oil in a wok and saute blended ingredients till well cooked and oil separates.
2) Add in tamarind water,  sauce ingredients , chicken and stir to mix well with the rempah. Add 50 ml water and simmer over low heat till  gravy thickens and chicken is cooked through.
3) Season with salt and adjust taste to your preference. Topped with shredded kaffir leaves.
4) Serve hot.

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Fried Assam Laksa La Mian

Fried Assam Laksa.jpg

Fried Assam Laksa LaMien.jpg

120 g Prima Taste Premium Non-Fried Noodle (La Mian)
(cook according to the instruction on the packet)
1 stalk bunga kantan – sliced finely (divide into 2 parts)

2 garlics- minced
3 shallots – sliced
1 stalks lemongrass – sliced finely
1/2 cup dried shrimps – soaked till soft and chopped finely
30 g Tom Yum paste
1/2 can sardines/ikan kembong – mashed roughly
2 tbsp toasted belacan
2 tbsp ‘hae ko’ (prawn paste)
juice from 5 limes or 100 ml assam water
1 tbsp chicken powder
200 ml water
4 tbsp oil

1/2 stalk bunga kantan – minced
1 big red onion – sliced in rings
1 small stalk lettuce – shredded
1/2 cucumber- julienned
1 red chiili – julienned in thin strips
6 chilli padi – cut finely
6 daun kesom – shredded
a handful of mint leaves

1) Heat oil in a wok and add garlics, shallots and dried shrimps. Saute until lightly browned and aromatic. Add tom yam paste, water and belacan, stirring well to mix.
2) Add hae ko and water, season with chicken powder, stir and mix well.
3) Add in La Mian, sardines/ikan kembong and stir with a ladle and a pair of chop sticks. Add the lemongrass, 1/2 of sliced bunga kantan and lime juice. Add salt if necessary.
4) Arrange lettuce on a large plate, ladle the noodles over the lettuce and top with all the remaining garnish. Serve with calamansi on the side.

Assam Laksa Perak/Penang

Assam  Laksa.jpg
Assam Laksa 1.jpg
Assam Laksa Perak.jpg

Assam Laksa Perak 1.jpg

1.5 kg Ikan Kembong – Steamed and deboned, set aside
2 stalks Bunga Kantan
A bunch of Daun Kesom
15 pieces assam keping
1.5 kg laksa beenhoon
2.5-3 litre
Salt and sugar to taste

Blended Ingredients
15-20 dried chilli -soaked in hot water till sodr
8 shallots
2 inch belacan
60 ml water

lettuce leaves – shredded
cucumber – shredded
Hard boiled egg – halved
1 cup pudina leaves
2 big red onion – sliced
Red/green chilli padi – sliced thinly
Calamansi – halved
Hae ko – optional
Pineapple – optional

1) Blend the fish bone and head with water, strain and pour into a pot with boiling water. Add in kesom leave, bunga kantan, assam keping, and blended ingredients, bring to a boil. Once it boils, lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes over low heat.
2) Blend 1/2 of he fish meat finely and the half, coarsely blend. Put them into the stock and simmer for about 15 minutes. Season with salt and sugar, taste accordingly and adjust to your preference.
3) To serve, place some scalded laksa noodle in a bowl, ladle with gravy and topped with shredded ingredients, eggs, onons, chilli padi, pineapple, calamansi and  hae ko .

Assam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri/Stingray

Assam Pedas singtray 1

Assam Pedas stingray

Assam Pedas stingray.jpg


Assam Pedas Stingray.jpg

4 slices Ikan Tenggiri /500 g stingray
10 small ladyfinger – washed and steamed half-cooked
1/2 pineapple – sliced
1 brinjal (optional)
1 bunga kantan – halved
1 big tomato – quartered
4 sprigs laksa leaves (daun kesom)
salt and sugar to taste
500 ml water (400 ml fresh coconut water + 100 ml water) or plain water
100 ml coconut cream (optional)
125 ml tamarind water (2 tbsp tamarind paste)
3 pieces dried tamarind (assam gelugur) (optional)

Blended Ingredients
25 dried chillies – soaked in hot water till soft and cut/3 tbsp chilli paste
2 fresh red chillies
3 pieces candlenut (buah keras)
2 tbsp ikan billis
1 tbsp dried shrimp
2 stalks lemongrass
1 inch galangal
1 inch ginger
1 inch fresh turmeric
1 big red onion
6 small shallots
3 cloves garlics
1 inch toasted belacan
50 ml water

1) Soak Ikan Tenggiri/stingray in lime/tamarind water for 10 minutes (this is to remove fishy smell). Coat with 1 tsp corn flour and set aside.
2) Heat oil in a wok and saute blended ingredients till aromatic and oil separates. Add tamarind water, water, ikan billis cube,  assam gelugur and laksa leaves. Bring to a boil and lower heat to medium, add pineapple, brinjal and simmer for 5 minutes.
3) Add Ikan Tenggiri/stingray and tomatoes, season with salt and sugar. Taste accordingly and simmer till stingray is just cooked. Add steamed ladyfinger and cooked for a further 2 minutes.
4) Serve hot with white rice and crispy salted fish.



Dried Assam Pedas Petai With Meat (Sliced & Minced Meat)

Dried Assam Pedas Petai.jpg

1 packet petai (washed and halved)
200 g minced chicken meat
200 g chicken breast meat – sliced thinly
(marinade meat with 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tsp corn flour)
2 sprigs laksa leaves (daun kesom)
1 big red onion – sliced
3 chilli padi – bruised
Salt & sugar to taste
50 ml water
4 calamansi juice/1 tbsp tamarind paste (mixed with 2 tbsp water

Blended Ingredients
6 shallots
3 tbsp chilli paste
3 fresh red chillies
1 inch belacan
1/2 inch galangal
1 tbsp dried shrimp (soaked till soft)
1 tsp oil

1) Heat oil in a wok and saute blended ingredients till aromatic, add meat and stir fry till opaque. Turn heat to medium and season with salt, sugar. water and laksa leaves and continue to stir fry for 2 minutes.
2) Add petai, onions and calamansi juice and briefly toss  for 3 minutes till onion is soft and gravy is a bit dry. Dish out and serve hot.

Nonya Assam Laksa

Nonya Assam Laksa.jpg
Nonya Assam Laksa 1.jpg
Assam Laksa.jpg

1 kg ikan kembong/ikan batu
1 big can sardines in tomato sauce/chilli tuna
Laksa noodles
3 tbsp tamarind paste (mixed with 150 ml water)
8 pieces assam keping
Salt and sugar to taste
1 cube knorr ikan billis
5 slices galangal
3 stalks lemon grass – bruised
2 stalks bunga kantan – halved
10 stalks daun kesom

Pounded/blended ingredients
25 dried chillies (soaked till soft and cut)/3 tbsp chilli paste
10 small shallots
4 cloves garlic
1 inch toasted belacan
1 inch galangal
2 stalk lemon grass

Vegetables – Shredded/sliced for Garnishing
1 cucumber
2 bunga kantan
2 big red onion – sliced thinly
3 red chillies
6 chilli padi
Mint leaves
1 pineapple – cut into strips
Calamansi – halved

hae ko/prawn paste (mixed with hot water to dilute it)

1) Clean the fish, remove guts. In a pot bring water to boil, add in fish and boil for about 8-10 minutes. Transfer the cooked fish onto a big plate and let it cool. Strain the fish stock, add in the assam keping, daun kesom, bunga kantan, galangal, lemon grass, ikan billis cube and tamarind water. Continue to boil in low heat.
2) Pick the flesh out of the fish and blend the bones with 200 ml of the stock. Strained and
discard the bones. Pour strained stock into the fish stock. Break the fish meat into tiny pieces and sardines in the soup, cover and lower the heat.
3) Heat oil in a wok and saute the blended ingredients till aromatic and spicy. Transfer the spice paste into the boiling stock. Season with salt and sugar. Taste the assam laksa stock to make sure it’s sourish, spicy , sweet to your liking.

To Serve:

In a serving bowl, add in the laksa noodle and garnish all vegetables on top. Pour the fish broth over it and serve immediately with a spoon of hae ko/prawn paste (optional)



Dried Assam Pedas Belitung aka Chuit-Chuit

Dried Assam Pedas Belitung.jpg

1 kg belitung – washed and snip off the ends
1 red chilli – sliced
1 big onion – cut into rings
1 big tomato – quartered
Daun kesom
1 tbsp tamarind paste (mixed with 2 tbsp water)
Salt and sugar to taste
1 tbsp Knorr All in seasoning powder
1 piece dried tamarind (assam keping)
100 ml water

Blended Ingredients
3 shallots
2 cloves garlics
2 candlenuts
2 stalks lemon grass
15 dried chillies (soaked till soft and cut)
1/2 inch galangal
1/2 inch fresh turmeric
1 tbsp fish curry powder
1/2 in toasted belacan

1) Heat oil in a wok and fry blended ingredients till aromatic and oil separates. Add daun kesom, tamarind water, water and stir to combine well and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes.
2) Add belitung, salt, sugar and all-in-seasoning powder. Toss to well mixed and simmer till sauce thickens. Add in tomatoes, 1/2 onion rings and stir briefly in order for the belitung to well coated with the mixture. Taste according. Add more water if the gravy is too thick to your liking.
3) Serve hot and sprinkle with the balance of cut onions and red chillies.

Assam Pedas Tumeric Fish Soup

Assam Pedas fish
Asam fish.jpg
Asam fish 1
Assam Pedas Rice.jpg
assam pedas fish
Assam Pedas

5 ikan kembong/selar (washed and set a side)
Fish head – cut into pieces
1 handful of daun kesom
4 asam keping – soaked in water
2 stalk lemongrass – bruised
1 inch galangal
1 cucumber – sliced into 2 inch thick
kangkong (optional)
pineapple – sliced into small pcs
1.5 lit water
salt, sugar to taste

Blended ingredients
8 red chillies
10 dried chillies – soaked in hot water till soft
5 chilli padi
3 cloves garlics
4 shallots
2 lemongrass
2 inch fresh turmeric
1 inch toasted belacan

1) Pour water in a pot and bring to a boil. Add blended ingredients, lemongrass, galangal, asam keping, daun kesom, cucumber, pineapple and simmer over low heat for 20 mins. 2) Add in kangkong and simmer for 2 mins and season with salt and sugar. Taste accordingly.
3) Add ikan kembong and cook till fish is just cooked. Serve hot.

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