Soya Milk Pandan Jelly Cake

soya milk panda jelly cake 1

soya milk pandan jelly cake

soya milk pandan cake.jpg

soya milk pandan cake 1

soya milk pandan cake 2

Ingredients (A)
Pandan Jelly
300 ml water
300 ml fresh pandan juice (blend 12 pcs pandan leaves with water to make 300 ml)
50 g sugar
5 g jelly powder

Ingedients (B)
Soya Milk layer
400 ml water
200 ml fresh sugarless soya milk/fresh milk
100 g sugar
10 g jelly powder

1) For Ingredients(A), add in water, pandan juice, sugar and jelly powder in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring all the while till sugar and jelly powder has dissolve completely.  Pour into a square mould and leave in the fridge to set for 2 hours. Cut into your desire cubes.
2) Combine Ingredients B in a saucepan, Stir as you cook and once it comes to a big boil, off heat.
3) Pour 150 ml of (2) into 7″ round cake pan, scatter the cut pandan jelly over it and press it down gently using a spoon. Leave to 1/2 set. Pour the balance of (2) over it and add the rest of the cut jelly. Using the spoon to gently press the pandan jelly down. Leave to set and chill in fridge.

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