Spicy Tamarind Chicken (Assam Tumis Ayam)

Tamarind Chicken 1.jpg

Tamarind Chicken.jpg

4 chicken leg – washed and cut into bite size
(season with a bit of tumeric powder, salt and corn flour for 20 minutes)
– deep fry till 1/2 cooked and set aside)

Blended Ingredients
15 dried chillies (add more if you more spicy) soaked in hot water for 10 minutes.
5 stalks lemongrass
5 slices galangal
1 inch fresh tumeric
1 bud bunga kantan
5 pieces candlenut
8 shallots
1/2 big onion
1 inch ginger
1 inch toasted belacan
1 tbsp oil
50 ml water

Sauce Ingredients
1 tbsp kicap manis
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 cube chicken stock
1 tbsp gula melaka
1/2 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste

2 tbsp tamarind paste (mix with 4 tbsp water)
Kaffir leaves – shredded finely

1) Heat oil in a wok and saute blended ingredients till well cooked and oil separates.
2) Add in tamarind water,  sauce ingredients , chicken and stir to mix well with the rempah. Add 50 ml water and simmer over low heat till  gravy thickens and chicken is cooked through.
3) Season with salt and adjust taste to your preference. Topped with shredded kaffir leaves.
4) Serve hot.

If you are sharing this recipe, kindly attach the link to this blog instead of screen capture/ copy & paste/ use in your blog and claimed as your recipe! Thank you.


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