Rainbow Mashmellow Pudding

Rainbow Mashmellow Pudding

Rainbow Mashmello Pudding 2

2 tbsp condensed milk
140 ml Ayam Brand Coconut milk
2  egg white
15 g agar agar powder
150 g castor sugar
500 ml diluted coconut milk (10 ml coconut milk mixed with 400 ml water)
Toasted Peanut – pounded coarsely
Colouring – red, yellow, green and brown
2 pieces pandan leaves

1) Bring 500 ml diluted coconut milk, agar agar powder and pandan leaves to boil.
2) Once boil, add in 40 g castor sugar from the 150 g  and 140 ml coconut milk, allow to boil and lastly add in the condensed milk. Stir to mix well, discard pandan leaves and strain, set aside.
3) In a mixing bowl, whisk egg whites with 110 g sugar till stiff and smooth, slowly use a hand whisk to beat into the mixture.
4) Divide into 4 portions and add in individual colour, mix well.
5) Pour into round or square tray, layer by layer and leave to set in the fridge.
6) Cut to your desired pattern and dust with chopped peanut on top.

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