Red Glutinous Wine Chicken (Hong Zao Ji)

Hong Zao Ji 1.jpg
Hong Zao Ji.jpg

Hong Zao Ji 1.jpg

1/2 Kampong Chicken/3 whole chicken legs – chopped into bite size
2 tbsp sesame oil
6 slices ginger
2 cloves garlic – bruise

– 2 tbsp red glutinous wine lees
– 2 tbsp red glutinous wine
– 1 tsp sesame oil
– 1/2 tsp light soy sauce
– 1 tsp corn flour

200ml red glutinuous wine (红槽酒)
1 tbsp red glutinous wine lees (红槽)
3 small rock sugar
Salt to taste

1. In a bowl, marinade chicken with the marinade ingredients for 20 minutes.
2. In a heated wok, pour in sesame oil, saute ginger slices and garlic till fragrant and crispy. Remove ginger and set aside.
3. Add chicken pieces. Stir fry until the chicken is cooked on the surface.
4. Add in the seasonings and mix until the chicken is evenly coated.
5. Cover with a lid and simmer for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked. If you can, flip the chicken pieces halfway through the cooking time for more even cooking.
6.  Dish to serving plate and Top with crispy ginger slices and serve with white rice.
7) For soupy version, add more water.



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