Gai Hor Bai Toey (Thai Pandan-Wrapped Chicken)

Ingredients 5 boneless chicken whole legs/thighs  – cut into bite size Big Pandan leaves for wrapping Seasoning Ingredients 3 cloves garlic – pounded 4 shallots – pounded 2 pieces coriander roots – minced 2 stalks lemongrass – pounded finely 1 inch galangal – pounded 1 tsp fish sauce 50 ml coconut cream 1 tbsp oysterContinue reading “Gai Hor Bai Toey (Thai Pandan-Wrapped Chicken)”

Claypot Curry Prawns Tang Hoon

Ingredients 12 big prawns – washed , deveined and trimmed feelers 1/2 packet chicken curry paste 2 tbsp fish curry powder 2 sprigs curry leaves 4 shallots – sliced 2 cloves garlic – sliced 2 stalks lemongrass – bruised 3 red fresh chillies – halved 100 ml coconut cream 1.5 litre chicken stock 150 gContinue reading “Claypot Curry Prawns Tang Hoon”

Ang Jiu (Chinese Red Rice Wine)

Ingredients 2.0 kg Thai Sweet Glutinous Rice 3 pieces white rice cake (jiu pin) 150 – 200 g red yeast (sun dry or roast) jiu pin and red yeast) Method 1) Cool the cooked glutinous rice completely. Mix with crushed white rice cake (jiu pin) and red yeast. Mix to combine well and put into glassContinue reading “Ang Jiu (Chinese Red Rice Wine)”

Steamed/Fried Egg Tofu With Minced Meat and Poach Prawns

Ingredients 2-3 rolls Silken Egg Tofu – cut into rings 300 g cauliflowers – cut into forets (scald in boiling water with salt and oil for 1-2 minutes) – optional 10 medium/large prawns – devein and shelled (Poach in boiling water with salt and lemon for 1-2 minutes or till pinkish, transfer to icy water)Continue reading “Steamed/Fried Egg Tofu With Minced Meat and Poach Prawns”

Spicy Mango and Pineapple Sauce Chicken

Ingredients 3 drumstick –  cut into bite size 10 mid joint chicken wings 1/2 cup mango fresh – cut into cubes 1/2 cup pineapple – cut into cubes 1/2 red capsicum – cubes 3 cloves garlic – minced 2 tbsp olive oil Oil for deep frying Marinade sauce 1 tbsp minced garlic 1 tbsp mincedContinue reading “Spicy Mango and Pineapple Sauce Chicken”