Sambal Hae Bee Egg Mani Chye (Sayur Manis)

Sambal Egg Mani Chye 1.jpg

Sambal Egg Mani Chye.jpg


A bunch of Mani Chye (Sayur Manis) – leaves removed from stem and crushed coarsely
(blanched in boiling water with salt and oil for 2 minutes) drain and washed over running cold water. Set aside

Seasioning Sauce
Salt and sugar to taste
1/2 tsp chicken powder
50 ml water

Pounded Ingredients
3 cloves garlic
5 shallots
3 fresh red chilli
1 inch belacan

2 tbsp dried shrimp – soaked in hot water till soft, drained and pounded

1) Heat oil in a wok and saute pounded ingredients till aromatic, remove to a small plate.
2) Using the same oil, pour in beaten eggs and stir around quickly till they are broken up to form small pieces.
3) Add in blanched mani chye and fried sambal and stir around to mix with the eggs and sambal evenly. Add in seasoning and stir to incorporate well with the flavors. Taste accordingly and adjust to your preference.


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