Coconut Tarts

Coconut Tarts.jpg

Sweet Crust Pastry
200 g butter
120 g Icing Sugar
1 egg
420 g Plain Flour
11/2 tbsp milk powder

Coconut Fillings
2 eggs
95 g sugar
60 ml coconut milk
25 ml fresh milk
3-5 drops yellow colouring (optional)
50 g melted butter
180-250 g fresh shredded coconut

For Short Crust Pastry
1) Pre heat oven to 180 C.
2) Using electric hand mixer, cream butter and icing sugar lightly. Add the egg and cream till smooth. Add sieved flour and milk powder. Mix till well blended.
3) Press the sweet pastry into tart mould.

For Coconut Fillings
1) In a mixing bowl, mix together egg, sugar, milk, coconut milk and egg yellow  colouring. Whisk till sugar dissolved. Add in the melted butter and whisk till well blended. add in shredded coconut, stir to well combined together.
2) Pour the fillings into the pastry lined tart mould. Be careful not to spoon too much liuid, leaving about 2mm border around the pastry edge clear of fillings (as the custard may bubble over the edge of the tart mould during baking).
3) Create a slightly dome shape centre with the custard coated coconut flesh. Bake for 25-30 minutes or till pastry turns a nice golden brown.


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