Butter Prawns With Fragrance Leaves, Oats & Cereals

Butter Prawns With Fragrant Leaves, Oats & Nestum.jpg

1/2 kg large prawns/tiger prawns
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp oil

Fragrance Leaves
2 pieces pandan leaf – shredded finely
3 pieces kaffir leaf – shredded finely
2 stalks lemongrass – sliced finely
1 sprig curry leaf
5 chilli padi – sliced finely

2 tbsp quaker oats
2 tbsp nestum cereals
2 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste

1) Sprinkle some corn flour over the prawns. Heat enough oil and deep fry prawns till just cooked. Drain well and set aside.
2) Heat wok with oil and butter, stir fry shredded pandan leaves, kaffir leaf, lemongrass, curry leaves and chilli padi till aromatic, add oats and cereals, sugar and salt to taste, prawns, toss and fry briskly until fragrant and well combined.
3) Dish out to serving plate and serve hot.


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