Steamed Chicken With Black Fungus and Danggui

Ingredients 4 chicken drumsticks/1/2 Kampong chicken (cut to bite size) 1 sprig coriander leaves A handful of small black fungus (soaked in water till soft – remove hard bits) 4 pieces dried shitake mushroom (soaked till soaked and sliced) 1 tbsp wolfberries 4 slices of danggui 8 red dates – halved Sauce Ingredients (combined together)Continue reading “Steamed Chicken With Black Fungus and Danggui”

Milo Chocolate Butter Cheese Cake

Ingredients Egg yolk mixture 5 egg yolk (large) 230 g unsalted butter 80 g castor sugar 1 tsp vanilla essence 1/2 tsp salt 200 g self raising flour 3 tbsp coco powder 1/4 tsp baking powder (sieve SRF, coco powder, salt & baking powder together 2 times, set aside) 51/2 tbsp fresh milk Milo PowderContinue reading “Milo Chocolate Butter Cheese Cake”

Stir Fry Meat With Potato & Pickled Lettuce

Ingredients 2 pieces chicken breast meat – sliced thinly (season with a bit of salt and corn flour) 1 big potato – sliced thinly (pan fry till golden brown) 1 can pickle lettuce (I use Narcissus brand) 2 stalks spring onion – cut into 2-5 cm in lengthwise 6 slices ginger 3 cloves garlic – mincedContinue reading “Stir Fry Meat With Potato & Pickled Lettuce”

Crispy Fried Chicken With Fried Spices (Ayam Goreng Berempah)

Ingredients 1 chicken/5 chicken legs – clean and cut to your prefer size 3 sprigs curry leaves Enough oil for deep frying Corn flour for coating Pounded Coarsely Ingredients 2 inch ginger 2 inch galangal 2 inch fresh turmeric 3 cloves garlic 5 stalks lemongrass 11/2 tbsp coriander powder 1 tsp fennel powder 2 tbspContinue reading “Crispy Fried Chicken With Fried Spices (Ayam Goreng Berempah)”

Steamed Egg With Tofu

Ingredients 1 block tofu (bought from market about 300 g) or 1 1 box Silken Tofu – mashed 50-80 g prawns/meat –  chopped coarsely 4 eggs -beaten lightly 4 mushrooms – soaked till soft and chopped coarsely 4 cloves garlics – minced 1 tbsp fried shallots (optional) Coriander leaves and sliced chilli – for garnishing SeasoningContinue reading “Steamed Egg With Tofu”

Grilled/Baked Ginger & Turmeric Chicken

Ingredients 5 chicken legs / 1 whole chicken (cut into 4 parts) Ingredients A 1 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tsp sugar 1 tbsp oil Salt to taste 1 tsp corn flour Blended Ingredients 8 shallots 3 cloves garlic 2 tsp black pepper corns 2 cm fresh turmeric 4-5 inch ginger 3-4 fresh red chilliesContinue reading “Grilled/Baked Ginger & Turmeric Chicken”

Butter Prawns With Fragrance Leaves, Oats & Cereals

Ingredients 1/2 kg large prawns/tiger prawns 2 tbsp butter 2 tbsp oil Fragrance Leaves 2 pieces pandan leaf – shredded finely 3 pieces kaffir leaf – shredded finely 2 stalks lemongrass – sliced finely 1 sprig curry leaf 5 chilli padi – sliced finely 2 tbsp quaker oats 2 tbsp nestum cereals 2 tbsp sugarContinue reading “Butter Prawns With Fragrance Leaves, Oats & Cereals”

Baked Turmeric Fish With Pandan Leaves

Ingredients 5-6 Selar fish or Kembung 5-6 pieces pandan leaves Marinade 2 tbsp minced garlic 2 tbsp minced shallots 3 tbsp chilli paste 11/2 tbsp chilli powder 1 tbsp turmeric powder 1 tbsp oil 1 tbsp tamarind paste (mixed with 2 tbsp water) 4 tbsp water Salt and sugar to taste Method 1) Remove gutContinue reading “Baked Turmeric Fish With Pandan Leaves”