Earl Grey Tea Jelly With Longan

Earl Grey Tea Jelly.jpg Earl Grey Tea Jelly 1.jpg

2-3 earl grey tea bag
1 packet jelly powder (10 g)
700 ml water
300 ml longan syrup
1 can longan (drained and  retained the syrup)
1 jelly mould
Sugar to taste (optional)

1) Pour water and tea bag in a small pot and bring to a boil. Covered and off heat and leave aside for 20 minutes.
2) Discard tea bag and add longan syrup and jelly powder. Bring to a slow boil over low heat. Simmer till jelly powder has dissolved completely. (Add sugar if you a sweeter taste but I did not add as I want retain the original taste of the tea).
2) Line longan in a the jelly mould. Pour the jelly liquid into the mould and leave to cool. then set in the refrigerator and unmould before serving.


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