Cendol Jelly With Red Bean

cendol jelly with red bean Red bean

13 g jelly powder
250 ml Kara coconut milk
650 ml water
250 g gula melaka
3 pandan leaves – knotted
Sugar to taste
A dash of salt
1 box of cendol
4 tbsp broad red bean

1) Bring to a boil, add pandan leaves, gula melaka and sugar. Boil till sugar and gula melaka have dissolved completely. Discard pandan leaves and strained with a siever to remove any residue.
2) Add jelly powder and coconut milk  and boil over low heat till jelly powder has dissolved completely. Remove from heat and pour mixture over a mould lined with cendol and red beans. Stir to mix and left to cool at room temperature.
3) Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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