Black Beauty (Lychee With Grass Jelly

Black Jelly Grass Jelly with Longans.png

1 packet (13 g ) agar agar powder
600 ml water
1 can lychee (retain 300 ml water)
Sugar to taste
1 packet chin chow – shredded
3 pandan leaves – tied into knots
1 jelly mould

1) In a pot, mix 600 ml water and 300 ml lychee water, agar-agar powder, pandan leaves and sugar. Bring to a boil, keep stirring over low heat till sugar and agar-agar powder dissolved completely. Discard pandan leaves and strain with a siever to remove any residue.
2) Add shredded grass jelly, stir to mix and gently pour over the mould lined with lychee.
3) Leave the jelly to cool and place in the fridge for few hours before serving.


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