Double-Boiled Tea Tree Mushroom and Longan Chicken Soup


Double Boil Tea Tree.jpg

Double Boiled Tea Tree 1.jpg

Double Boiled Tea Tree Mushroom.jpg

Double Boiled Tea Tree.jpg


50 g tea tree mushrooms (available at any Chinese Medical shop)
 50 g dried longans
100 g white fungus
1 Kampong Chicken
20 g ginger
10 g sweet and bitter almond
 6 chicken feet/pork ribs
10 red dates
Salt to taste

50 ml Huiji Waist Tonic

1) Cut chicken into 4 pieces, blanch in boiling water with chicken feets. Drain and leave aside.
2) Soak white fungus and tea tree mushrooms for about 2 hrs. Cut into pieces.
3) Bring a pot of water (about 2 litres) to a boil. Add in tea tree mushroom, longan, white fungus, spring chicken, pork ribs/chicken feet,  ginger and red dates. Bring to a boil.
4) Lower the heat and simmer for 2 hours. Add in almond. Huiji Waist Tonic and salt to taste. Bring to boil for 5 mins. Serve hot.

(Tea tree mushrooms can help to enhance metabolism. Longans can help to soothe the lungs).


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