Curry Laksa Noodles

Kari Laksa Noodles with CocklesWith cockles.

curry noodles
Without cockles.

300 g yellow noodles
200 g bee hoon (soaked in water)
1500-2000 ml prawns stocks (more flavourful)
300 ml coconut milk (1 box ‘Kara’ mixed with water)
1 tsp belacan powder
4 shallots – sliced
3 garlics – sliced
3 sprigs curry leaves
6 chilli padi – halves (optional)
salt and sugar to taste

1 kg cockles – washed and shelled
20 pcs small tofu pok
bean sprouts – 40 ct (washed and blanced)
long beans
4 potatoes – (boiled in water till 1/2 cooked, remove skin and quater)
fish ball
5 hard boiled eggs – shelled and halves
300 g small prawns – shelled and blanced

Paste to be fried
1 pkt ‘Hai” chicken curry paste
2 tbsp fish curry powder (mixed w/1 tbsp water)
3 tbsp chilli paste

1) Heat oil in a wok saute sliced onions and garlics till fragrant, add in fish paste, chilli paste and ‘Hai’ chicken curry paste. Stir and mix over low heat till mix throughly and oil separates. Add in prawn stock, belacan powder and tofu pok and bring to a boil. Add long beans, potatoes and fish ball and simmer over low heat for 10-15 mins. (Take out the cooked long beans) Add coconut milk, chilli padi and continue to simmer over low heat till everything is cooked thru’. Season with salt and sugar and taste accordingly. Remove from heat and use the gravy as a curry gravy for yellow noodles and bee hoon.

To serve:
Bring a pot of water to a boil, blanced yellow noodles, bee hoon and divide into individual bowl, arrange toppings on top. Pour curry gravy, fish ball, potatoes over the noodles and serve hot.


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